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Group meal delivery

Group meal delivery


One of the most asked but most difficult questions every day is what to eat?

Since the advent of delivery platforms, this question has had an advanced version - which one to choose?There are so many big and small stores on the takeout platform, in the end, there are Mode's so-called "great delicious"?
Moreover, the waiting time on the delivery platform is too long - it takes half an hour to eat an order!

Don't worry!!!New concept catering to help you out......

The key is "never leave the house, always eat."
Not too crispy at all!


Group meal delivery


Guangxi New concept Catering Investment Management Co., Ltd. is committed to creating a "corporate group ordering one-stop service system" set group catering, nutrition catering, O2O service platform and other three business areas,Provide safe, healthy and convenient food for organizations, government agencies, education system, high-speed rail, aviation, medical system, hotel catering, white-collar workers, families, communities, and supermarkets;
1. Two service modes:
A. Packaging and distribution: the finished product is packaged into A special environmental protection PP5 lunch box, which is placed in an incubator and delivered to the designated place by a special delivery vehicle for on-site distribution;
B, on-site meal: divided into special food insulation bucket, delivery vehicle delivery to the designated place, service personnel arrived with the car, according to the requirements to provide free, zero, self-service and other meal separation methods;
⒉ Food hygiene:

No small workshops, no black shops, no gutter oil。Green and healthy, strict selection of ingredients, standardized prices, and safe and convenient loading process, each step to ensure the quality of dining;
3.High cost performance:

A variety of price meals for you to choose, can issue a formal invoice;
4.Rich taste:

Dishes are not the same five days a week, and the menu is updated once a week, the central kitchen is equipped with meals, rich taste, punctual delivery, health and health;

5.Delivery on time:

Guangxi Province covers the whole province, its own professional food delivery team, an unified distribution, Xian convenient;
6.Group meal delivery operation plan:

Group meal delivery is for enterprises, office units and large events, events and other groups that do not have kitchens。
Group meal delivery is favored by office buildings and business organizations due to its short operating time and flexibility。
Group meal delivery personnel size requirements: more than 30 people。

1. Both parties agree on the dish type, delivery time, and sign a catering agreement;
2, our company meals to the designated place on time, arrange staff meals;
3. Receive the number of customers' meals the next day and prepare to purchase;

4. Food preparation to the agreement period (the end of the event/activity or the settlement period specified in the agreement)
5, according to the meal order to settle the meal fee。

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